Michelle Jones
Monday 18th March 2019 - 10:59AM

Fooooood! I bloody love it. 

I grow up in a family where everything centered around the kitchen, a tradition I have continued with my own little tribe. Always a hive of activity, cooking, learning, baking, making, homework, arguing, singing, dancing, sharing good times and the bad, the tears, the tantrums, conversations, debates, music, games, laughter and of course stuffing our faces to fill our bellies. We are very much a family who lives from one meal to the next, we eat with our eyes as well as our taste buds and memories. As the cutlery from one meal hits the empty plates, the question is what we are having next, my Son, in particular finds comfort in knowing what meals he is going to enjoy that week. And we all get hangry! I love a big family table and I am very much a feeder. Throughout every aspect of our lives food plays a huge part in the decision process from holidays to activities to our day to day plans. So as a wedding planner food is high on the planning agenda and just as my family salivate about the meal potentials, your guests will certainly be anticipating what delights you will offer.

When my husband and I got wed many moons ago, other than our ceremony the important bit’ our focus was on the food and drink; that is where we chose to focus our budget and create our ‘family kitchen’ vibe for the day and serving fantastic local food. At the time we’d looked at several restaurants, having just moved to Newcastle from London, we had taken interest in restoration of Lord Byron’s Seaham Hall, the Marriage Act of 1994 had just been sanctioned and the amazing Kenny Atkinson was working his wonders in the kitchen delivering amazing menus, it truly captured our attention. The whole experience was just divine, the food tasting session where all the family got involved and argued, yummied and giggled our way through to the delivery on our wedding weekend which was just an incredible culinary experience. A menu created just for us and our family and friends, dictated by our personalities, experiences, needs and most certainly our desires.

Food plays such a huge part in any wedding day, it can make or break the experience and memory.

To be feed and watered is a human need; your guests may not remember the poems you spoke or even your first dance, but they will remember what they ate. Therefore, your wedding design should include the feasts you will deliver to your beloved guests. What are your favourite foods, where are your favourite places to eat and why, what has been your all time best food experience, what foods do you hate, what turns your stomach, what is your worst food memory, what is the most fun you’ve had with food, what is your food journey, your travels, favourite foods from favourite countries, what are your favourite childhood food anecdotes, what’s your go to trustworthy dish? All these things add your personality to your menu and ensure your wedding day is truly special as it is all about you. Living in the wonderfully diverse communities we are privileged to live in today, we are spoilt with a variety of influences. Many of my clients work, live and play around the world but also want to showcase the beauty of their local community. Supporting local suppliers and staying in season ensures you deliver excellent quality whilst helping to sustain local communities and have a positive effect on the environment.

As a planner I deliver a fluid and flexible experience enabling the wedding breakfast to totally work for you. I have so much fun with my lovely clients really creating the experience they want to achieve. One of my favourite wedding memories is from a few summers ago; the menu very much reflected the couple and their circle; it ended up being a beautiful Summers day, too good to hop under the Sperry, the folk band were happy to keep playing, so guests kicked off their shoes and the wedding breakfast was served in the glow of nature. I have given the confidence to celebrity couple’s who feel an expectation to serve certain menus but what they really loved was good hearty homecooked family spreads, so they ditched the posh nosh for a menu that warmed their hearts (it went down an absolute storm).

My top wedding menu tips: have the food you genuinely love, deliver in the way you enjoy, support local and in season and have a ton of fun creating what you wish. It’s your day.  So, have a blast, tell your story and fill your bellies with what makes you happy and your wedding day will be one of foodie delight. 

Kippers and Custard anyone!

Credit to: for the fabulous image of everyone tucking into their wedding grub. Photographers tend to shy away from taking images of guests enjoying their food but they can make some beaut pictures and captured memories of your day. The bulk of your budget is spent on the food, that's the area which impacts the budget the most and yet the enjoyment in the moment isn't captured. As a feeder I love seeing folk enjoy their meal. 

All this talk of food has my tummy grumbling, off for a delicious snack! I would love to know your favourite meal of choice.