Why Hire A Wedding Planner - featured in BDaily, North East Wedding and County Wedding

Michelle Jones
Saturday 26th January 2019 - 05:33PM

You’ve just got engaged and your dreaming about your wedding day, the first day of your married life. At this moment you are full of love and the excitement is whizzing around your body and your mind is a whirlwind of fireworks. Let the planning commence…

It should be one of the most magical chapters of your story, leading to one of the best days of your life. The average wedding budget in 2018 hit £30k. The pressure and expectations for the day are significant and the task is quite daunting after the exhilaration subsides. Are you going to opt to do it all yourself? Maybe with the support of your family and friends with all their hopes, dreams and opinions and everyone’s emotions running high???

Wedding Planning is 'Project Management' on a mammoth scale. The task is overwhelming, the budget is precious and the to-do list is never ending. There is an abundance of suppliers; who do you trust? Who provides the best service to match your needs? Who is going to add value to your day and will provide an awesome service? Who is actually qualified and experienced? Will your hard earned budget be protected and respected? The market is saturated. Then there are a million ideas, wedding inspiration or perhaps exasperation everywhere you look. What will make your day truly special?


So, what's my best advice? Hire a Wedding Planner! Of course.

Most believe hiring a planner is highly expensive and only something celebs have the privilege of doing so: however, you are using your time to plan but your time is precious and also equals your money.

Whilst you are project managing one of the biggest events in your life, your focus certainly isn’t on your job, your family, your friends, your health along with all the other needs that make up your life or even on each other - it's not actually even on you but on this huge emotional event, the ‘big day’.

Within other areas of our lives we trust the skilled professional to deliver a service, gaining the best possible outcome for the task at hand. We employ plumbers to fix a dripping tap, a solicitor to help with conveyancing, mechanics to service the car and often we pay someone else to valet the car, we even have window cleaners. We do this as we trust the expert to do the job they are skilled at saving us time, stress and ultimately money. But when it comes to project managing our weddings, a day that has huge financial and emotional implications, a day with a schedule where every minute needs to be planned out, a day where 20 different suppliers need to be here there and everywhere, a day that as so much riding on it, a day when the needs of family and friends need to be taken care of and so on and so on; we try do it ourselves.

A wedding planner isn’t there to make you spend more money than you have budgeted; in fact, we can assist you in making the right choices and help you to spend your budget wisely, usually saving you money.

We work entirely to your specific needs, wants and desires, creating a day that is unique and truly special to you whilst connecting you with the best suppliers and designing and managing a day that you will treasure for ever and of course share with you all the wonderful joyful moments that planning a wedding should be all about. We live in a beautiful era of choice, too, from what type of ceremony you wish to have to the style of venue to where your honeymoon will take you, we can support you with making these important decisions honestly and practically. We are skilled to relieve stress even support those difficult family relationships and we come with years of experience.  

As a Wedding Planner I deliver a very personal service providing you with the most magical experience. I manage everything within the process (or as much or as little as you need) and more importantly allow you to relax, enjoy and make the most sensational memories! I protect your plans and your day.

If we broke down the cost of hiring a planner to design, plan and manage your day, often, their hourly rate works out less than yours. A planner saves you a huge amount of time, a significant amount of money and a ridiculous amount of stress. You ultimately get to spend the first day of your marriage exactly the way you should, happily married!